Where I’m going…

Really!?!?! Get out?! The entire African continent? Yup!

2019 Tour D’Afrique Route Map

Click on the map to see where my travels will take me over the next 4 months. This is the basic schedule with dates and locations. All camps are approximations.

This is a picture of a dark blue Salsa Marrakesh bicycle.
Click on my Bike to see where I am currently.

Technology is a wonderful thing… when it works. Depending on connectivity and the wonders of the internet, you MAY be able to track me (and the Tour) on a daily basis. If everything works and I have access to a data connection…

TDA Stage 4 – Houston, we have a problem…

What a sunrise!

So, my ankle is sore…specifically my Achilles’ tendon. It started bothering me yesterday and today it ached the entire ride and was slightly swollen. The internet tells me it’s Achilles tendonitis., which I tend to agree with. Solution…rest it. Easier said than done when on cycle tour with a set schedule. I’m at a loss as to why it’s bugging me. I haven’t been cycling hard, and with the strong tail winds we’ve had the first three days, it’s been really easy riding. I’ve talked to some more experienced cyclists and they suggested I might need to adjust the clips on my shoes or adjust my cadence, however the pain started on days I wasn’t wearing my cycling shoes (which is how I ride 99% of the time at home). So I’m chocking this up to the sheer amount of cycling. Never having ridden more than 105km in a day before, I’m in uncharted territory personally. Lucky we have a rest day coming up in two days and hopefully it will work itself out. If not I may have to spend a day or two riding in the truck. Booo!

I’ll be riding super slow (for me) tomorrow. Maybe try that cadence thing… Funny, I was all worried about my ass being sore and it turned out to be my ankles!

Full moon over the Red Sea

TDA Stage 3 – It’s about to get real!

The temperature is starting to climb. While today’s ride was still very comfortable, The forecast shows the mercury rising. In a few days the temperature will reach 25C and that’s at our current position. Each day brings us further south, pushing the mercury higher.

Tonight is our first night of camping. The tents are up and the cooler bar is open (stocked with Pepsi! WTH!?! 🤮 I’m going to have to have a chat with management!). I’m actually looking forward to sleeping in my own tent. With my thin fabric walls it’s still more privacy than sharing a hotel room with two other dudes!

TDA Stage 2

It’s all going to come crashing down eventually. It has to. But for now, another perfect day!

The temperature was absolutely perfect for cycling, add to that a very strong tail wind and I just blew through the 150km of Stage 2. That’s almost 50km longer than the longest ride I’ve ever done! Barely pedaling I was whipping along at 35km/hr. I even finished the stage first. Not something I was expecting to do. Yellow jersey anyone?

I had started the day intending on taking it easy and not pushing too hard. 150km is a long way, and this is only day two. I need to leave some fuel in the tank for the future.

I have to keep telling myself “it’s only day 2, and everything has gone perfectly so far”. Eventually the weather will get bad and I’ll spend a few days wet and muddy but as of right now I’m totally hooked on this adventure cycling! So amazing!

Riding through the dessert alone with the landscape is both humbling and exhilarating!

A beautiful start to the day

TDA Stage 1 Complete!

After three days of anticipation, we’re finally on the road! And what an amazing day it was. Despite a cold beginning at the pyramids, it warmed up to a perfect (for strenuous cycling) 17C. We only cycled about 75km today, but quite frankly that was the perfect starter distance for the majority of the group (including myself!).

The road we started on was a brand new 5 lane highway with a dedicated bike lane so it was perfect for cycling. I even made it up to 61.2km/hr according to my cycle computers. I don’t think I’ve ever gone that fast on a bike! After exiting the main highway we turned south and rode along the Red Sea. Spoiler alert…it’s not red.

The final stretch welcomed a familiar sight… and if you know me well, you’ll get a kick out of this. Suffice to say “I’m lovin’ it”!

All around it was the perfect start to this adventure. Starting with an awe inspiring ride past the majestic pyramids (before the grounds were open to the general public) and finishing in a nice cozy hotel on the Red Sea.

So far we’ve been spoiled on this trip…it’s about to get hard…

TDA Day 1 – Go for launch!

Launch! Not lunch! Although our first day is mercifully easy and lunch is a meager 30km into the day. Here we go! We start the day with a photo op cycling past the pyramids, and then we all pile onto a bus to be shipped out of town to start our journey. Past tours have cycled out of the city but safety was always a big concern. The streets of Cairo are a “bit chaotic”.

Beautiful start to the journey.

TDA Tour DAY 0

Sand Sand Everywhere

Here we are less than 24 hours before we start our epic journey across the continent and Mother Nature is having a little fun with us. 50 km/hr winds and blowing, blinding sand. Right now you almost can’t see across the street and the pyramids have completely disappeared! We can only hope things calm down for our early 7:30 am departure…and if not perhaps the wind will be at our backs.

TDA Day -1 The boring stuff!

Boring but VERY necessary! Rider meetings and bike prep. Group leader Tallis, walked us through most of the important details on how to survive as a group cycling across an entire continent. We are all itching to get underway but still one more day of meetings and prep to go!

Bike tune-ups in the sandbox!