This tour is filled with people from all over the world. Some of them live only a few minutes from me in Toronto, some came from the other side of the planet. We’ve been crammed together in the same moving caravan for four months and we’ve all managed, somehow, to get along. We were told it usually takes about two months for the group to have its first meltdown. If you spend long enough with a group of strangers, eventually one of the little things will drive a person to snap and lose their temper; that’s never happened. I think that’s a testament to how tight this group is.  No one has got bent out of shape for “sitting in my chair”, or “hogging all the ketchup”. We have all behaved like adults. Who would have thought a group of cyclists could do that?

Cycle all day, then climb a mountain.

I’m not the most social person around. I find it difficult making new friends, so at the start of this tour, the thing that scared me most was the people, not the fact I had to cycle 10,000+ km through strange and potentially dangerous countries. People. I’d rather crawl through a minefield naked rather than walk into a room filled with 31 complete strangers. It took me almost two weeks to just learn everyone’s names, but now there isn’t a single person I wouldn’t consider a good friend (well except Lisa, I REALLY dislike her 😉). In two days we will be finished this journey and I probably won’t see most of these friends ever again. Is that just the way things work?  I hope not. I’m going to make extra effort to stay in touch. This has been a special trip with special people, even Lisa. 

If only I had brought my tent up here.