We’ve seen a lot of spectacular sights as we’ve ridden on this tour. Thinking back over the last 110+ days, we’ve cycled past The Pyramids in Egypt, the Blue Nile Gorge in Ethiopia, stunning tea plantations in Tanzania and jaw-dropping vistas in Namibia. However it’s not always the rides that are special, sometimes it’s the destination. Today was one of those days. Cycling from Garies to Strandfontein was less than spectacular, in fact it was down right dull. There was 130km of “meh” (paved) and 30km of “Zzz” (dirt). The landscapes were uninspiring until I made the turn down the last kilometre. As I descended the hill, there in front of me was a vast expanse of blue, the Atlantic Ocean. After all the riding we’ve done across this essentially dry continent, the sight of enormous amounts of water reminds me that we’re just tiny specs on this giant blue marble we call Earth.

There goes the neighbourhood!

Tonight we are eating dinner and watching the sun set over that immense pond that separates us from our homes. Our friends, our families and our loved ones are all going about their business somewhere on the other side. Perhaps they are wondering how things are going. Are we safe? Is everything ok? Well, tonight as we sit by the ocean watching the sun dip below the waves and listen to the surf crash onto the beach below us, the answer is a resounding “yes”. 

Tomorrow brings us our last three days of riding, but for tonight we sleep under sea of stars next to an ocean of peace (and a lot of water). 

Mommy, are you there?
Closer still…