South Africa: Our tenth and final country (11th if you count my one day visit to Zimbabwe)! It’s hard to believe I’m here. At the start of this journey it seemed almost impossibly far, now it seems like only yesterday we were cycling past the pyramids. Despite being ready to finish this trip I’m very excited to be here. Seeing the end has given me a new verve; a new drive. Like a world class paddler seeing the finish line after pulling hard for 950 metres; muscles aching, heart pounding, pushing harder those last few strokes to the finish. Seeing the end gives me a new inspiration to finish strong and finish well.

A beautiful morning view

The border crossing itself was simple. A few stamps and police check and we were cycling down a South African highway. The road on which we are traveling (N7) is nicely paved and has generous shoulders to keep us a safe distance from the speeding traffic, not that it’s an overly busy road. The day’s ride took us through a series of small boulder strewn foothills and then out onto an open plain that, over the course of about 50km, rose slowly to another set of small mountains. It was a simple ride that got me to camp just after 2pm, which left lots of time for me to pop into the small town of Springbok to do the money exchange and SIM card dance one final time. With the last SIM card acquired, so ended day 111 on the road. Only five more cycling days to go!